"Techno is not a Genre"

Kade B Bio :

Kade B is a name inspired by his actual birth name: AbdulKader Baghdadi.
Beginning of 2005, Kade B started his music career back playing Progressive, Melodic Techno, Techno, Deep House & DownTempo which inspired his vast imagination and creativity.

In 2011, Kade B started producing his own music and developing his own eclectic style.
His vast artistic portfolio, consists of several original songs, mixes, remixes, and radio productions  using DAW's such as Ableton Live, Protools, Logic-X.

At the end of 2016, Kade B expanded his production skills by finishing a Music Production Diploma at one of the best electronic music academies in London, POINTBLANK. This accomplishment allowed him to affiliate and work with different labels such as: 

Feel Hype / Berlin, Germany 
Shango Records / Thessaloniki, Greece 
ONISM Label / Madrid Spain 
Lump Records / Chile 
Neu Gravity / Istanbul, Turkey 
Modern Agenda / Toronto, Canada 
Mystic Carousel Records / Madrid, Spain 
Suffused Music / Vilnius, Lithuania 
3xA Music / Murmansk, Russia 
Clinique Recordings / Murmansk, Russia 
Groove 9 Records / Goa, India 
BQ Recordings / Murmansk, Russia 
Polyptych - Saint Petersburg, Russia 
Estribo Records / Madrid, Spain 
Deepersense Music / Warsaw, Poland 
Ayeko Records / Geneva, Switzerland

In 2017, Kade B took a huge step forward and introduced ''Kuwait Ableton User Group'' for the hidden musicians in Kuwait. He organizes regular meetups, presentations, workshops and Link Sessions. 

Take a tour of this website and enjoy his creations. You will feel his passion through his  music and hopefully stick along throughout his musical journey.


Kuwait Ableton User Group :

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